• Exterior of two bedroom villa accommodation at BIG4 Beacon Resort in Queenscliff
  • Children playing together at BIG4 Beacon Resort Queenscliff


Learn to Ride A Bike

23rd March 2016

Just about everybody remembers the first time they rode a bike. They also remember their childhood family holidays. Sometimes those memories are one and the same. In 45 years, BIG4 Beacon Resort has seen countless kids learn to ride on their two wheelers with proud parents racing up and down beside them. Here are our top five tips for teaching your kids to ride and creating an unforgettable memory:

  • Remove training wheels

Training wheels are designed to get kids pedalling while sitting on a bike, but as you know, are pretty useless when it comes to teaching them to balance.

  • Adjust the seat

Make sure the seat is at a level where both legs remain straight but both feet can comfortably rest flat on the ground.  Not only will this make it easier for them to prevent a fall, it will also give them added confidence and a better sense of control.

  • Remove pedals where possible

This will get kids balancing before the added task of pedalling. Most children will find balance will come naturally as they are able to control where they put their feet. Encourage them to cruise along for longer periods of time without touching their feet to the ground. Once they have picked this up, pedal can go back on the bike.

  • Ready to go

Choose a long, flat stretch of pavement. Support your child by placing one hand over theirs on the handle bars and one hand resting on the back of the seat. This will allow you to gain control if necessary but also leave you in the perfect position to let go once your child is ready.

  • Have the camera ready

You don’t want to miss having this moment on hand to look back on and share with your family and friends.