Making "ME" Time

22nd February 2016

Life is chaotic. For everyone. And trying to find the perfect balance is something we all strive for but struggle to consistantly manage. 

Mine is the age old tale of a working mum with three kids. The never ending task of finding the time for all those drop-offs, pick-ups, grocery shops, extra-curricular activities, an endless pile of washing and of course quality family time. And with the kids off school for the past six weeks, things are more hectic than ever.

More often than not, work becomes an escape where I can enjoy adult conversation and quite simply just get on with the job. The mental to-do list is literally endless, mobile phones and the internet ensure I am on call 24/7.

More than ever before Australians are feeling the effects of stress, with the 2015 Stress and Wellbeing survey from Australian Psychology Society reporting anxiety symptoms among Australians are the highest they have been in five years.

For any parent balancing work and family, it would be impossible to not feel stressed. Both can make huge demands of our time, decision making, commitment and energy. But even Super Mum needs a break now and again. It is essential for your happiness and health to take some "me time".

So what can we do more of to relieve stress in our lifes? 
Read? Meditate? Exercise? Catch up with old friends? Visit Mud Day Spa? Or just vege out on the couch on Sunday afternoon watching lifetime movies? And why aren't we taking care of ourselves? The big age old question... I know my answer, and I'm going to guess that it's the same as you... I don't have time. 

Why not make time? How am I any good to my family if I am in a constant frazzled, stressed out state? Isn't it in their best interest for me to be blissfully relaxed? It's time I start making some time for me and, with my children now back at school, that is exactly what I plan to do. 

The shopping list and the washing pile can wait, right now I am picking up a good book, sitting down for a cup of tea and making an appointment for a much needed massage.

Love Super Mum Jess xx