CoutaKidz Clubhouse

A relaxing zone for young families to relax and unwind together. Parents can sit back with a coffee on the couch while the children are entertained by wall to wall chalkboards and colouring in pages and pencils. Fitted with a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner... the CoutaKidz Clubhouse provides the perfect Cool Oasis for Campers and alike in the warmer months and a toasty zone to pop into when the weather turns wintery.

Take-home CoutaKidz Activity booklets are available from The Shop to continue the CoutaKidz fun when the activity wraps up.

Open at the completion of Kids Activities each morning until 7.30pm.

"Excellent idea re: the art and craft boxes for the kids and the selection of board games!" - N.Hamed. 2019

"This is the best Big 4 that we have stayed at. We have returned several times. Also recommended to family as wonderful for young children. The CoutaKidz Club is amazing." A.Judson. April.21