• Exterior of two bedroom villa accommodation at BIG4 Beacon Resort in Queenscliff
  • Children playing together at BIG4 Beacon Resort Queenscliff

How often does the ferry travel to Sorrento from Queenscliff and can I book the tickets at Beacon?

The two ferries criss cross Port Phillip Bay 24 times a day 7 days a week. Departing every hour, on the hour the regular service is convenient and easy, saving time and kilometres.  The first ferry departs Queenscliff at 7am with the last ferry departing Queenscliff at 6pm (7pm during peak summer holiday periods).

The ferries, MV Queenslciff and MV Sorrento carry foot passengers, bicycles, cars, motorbikes, trailers, caravans, motorhomes, coaches and trucks. Car vehicle fares are based on length and number of passengers, trucks based ion carrying capacity and coaches on passenger capacity.

You can book, pay and receive your tickets for the ferry at reception (some packages require a 24 hour lead time).